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bxboa asked: He knows. /she chuckles/ I kinda figured. I hope to get to know him better.../she smiles softly/ Ah! Good on you! /she laughs/ Where is Kirisho? /she smiles/ Oh...I've been pretty good. It's amazing being here...I do miss everyone back at home though. /she sighs, figuring you know who she's talking about by now/

Eeeh? But you just got here *he laughs* mmm heard anything at all? *looks at you cautiously hoping to not upset you* I hope all is well. Jun will get on randomly at times *scratches his head* though half the time I seem to miss him I think *laughs* ah well right now Kirisho should be waking up in an hour or so to get ready to go into the studio. At the moment he’s got his face jammed in the pillow and is hogging the entire bed (‘-‘ )

bxboa asked: Touche'. /she laughs hard/ Yes, it is great. I come home and bask in it. e w e Ahhh he's very good looking too e ue He says that he gets mad when you guys bully him sometimes. /she chuckles/

Nah. He should know we don’t mean anything by it *he laughs and waves his hand* he’s just a bit sensitive at times. He knows we love him dearly! Otherwise we wouldn’t bother him so much *grins* I’m actually basking half naked in the aircon right now as we speak *fans himself* it’s lovely. I hope you’ve been well though??

bxboa asked: It does! And how is shy sexy? /she laughs hard/ That sounds like a a bad porno. /she chuckles/ Ah, well yes I did, the heat is terrible but I have air conditioning. /she grins/ Aw...I bet it's a good look on you. /she teases/ I might just do that.../she ponders, chuckling softly/ Poor Jun though! I like him a lot so far. /she smiles/ He's sweet...

What?! No porno is a bad porno!! They all have butts in them! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
At least you have air conditioning as well! Ah Jun is great! He’s great to tease because he tries to be the serious one out of us all..and just fails *laughs*



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I wish i knew what she was saying..

bxboa asked: /she scoffs/ Aish, you know it takes more than looks. /she chuckles/ On edge? How come? /she blinks/ Ah, I'm good! Just settling back into the apartment, Kenji came to pick me up from the airport yesterday, so now I'm here in Japan. /she grins/ I'm so excited~

Does it take more?? *he teases* either way if you “can’t flirt” you get shy right? Shy is sexy! Ah I’ve got some stuff going on and all. It’ll be all right. I didn’t know you landed yesterday though! I hope the heat wave hasn’t killed you yet *he laughs* I’m walking around my house with an ice pack around my neck I look like a farmer (^-^=^-^ ) make kenji buy you a bunch of drinks! And to cool off we can go invade jun’s house and start a water balloon fight in his bedroom!


if her legs aren’t shaking when you’re done then you’re not done

bxboa asked: Hello. 'v ' Ah, don't worry, we're past all that! /she laughs/ I am very bad at flirting though. /she chuckles/ How are you doing today though?

Don’t be silly. Pretty girl like you? Bad at flirting? Naw *he grins and tilts his head* im a bit better today I think. Just on edge! And eating a late lunch. How are you my dear??

bxboa asked: Kyaaaaaaaaan~

Boaaaaaaaaa (^-^=^-^) hello darling. I haven’t wanted to interrupt kenji being all flirtatious *laughs*

melxan asked: Melon! Ah I haven't had melon in a while. *chuckles and smiles* Melon and muffins. Hmmm maybe we can have tea with it, yeah? And if not, then water's fine. *she nods her head and grins, absolutely happy to have made a new friend*

I love melon actually! And I’ve made some tea earlier so i’ve got plenty *hands a glass over to you* no worries! I’m too lazy to actually buy an entire melon and cut it up so i’ve just bought it like that already *he laughs and sets a bowl down* have as much as you like. *sits next to you and uses a toothpick to eat a few pieces* So tell me some things you like

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one day i will take a really good selfie and you will be sorry….. you will all be sorry

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